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About Boys ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, Cornell University

What does it mean to be a man? Boys are bombarded with messages about being manly -- messages that sometimes conflict with a boy's own desires and sense of self. Those who try hardest to live up to society's ideals of manliness may find that by doing so they undermine their health and relationships. The pressure on boys to conform to masculine stereotypes is intense, but with support, boys can find their way to fulfilling relationships and sexual health....

Brothers as Allies Research Study, ACT for Youth Center for Excellence, Cornell University

The New York State Department of Health and Cornell University are partnering on a research grant funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The purpose of the grant is to evaluate Brothers as Allies, a program that is part of the Boys Council curricula developed by One Circle Foundation.... We are running this study to see whether this program will help boys develop healthy relationships. If it works, we expect that the Brothers as Allies program will increase how comfortable boys feel with themselves and other people, and that this will, in turn, lead to less sexual harassment and abuse. Our hope is that the program will be shown to be effective, and that many other boys will be able to participate in the future.