NOTE: This page is under construction as we move resources to this and related pages. For many more resources, please see the CCE Staff Page (shown below).

CCE System Conference: Reviewed and Recommended Resources

The Power of Vulnerability (by Brene Brown; TED Talk)
The Power of Vulnerability Study Guide
Beyond the Gender Binary (Yee Won Chong; TEDxRainier)

NYS 4-H and CCE Resources

Social-Emotional Toolkit (created by the Adolescent Risk and Thriving Program Work Team)
Identity Development Toolkit
4-H Safe Space Guide
 Safety - Is it Possible? (blogpost)
 Safe is Not Enough (book)
5 Ds to Bystander Intervention Infographic (and more Bystander Resources)
LGBTQ+ Talking Points
4-H Camp Practices for LGBTQ+ Inclusion FAQ
Access, Equity and Opportunity in 4-H = Diversity and Inclusion
CCE Staff Page: Tools of the Trade: Diversity, Inclusion, & EPO
What is Diversity? 
 The Evolving Language of Diversity
Privilege, Oppression, and Difference
Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell
Cornell Diversity Statement: Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds

Other Resources

eXtension: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
You, Me, and Them: Experiencing Discrimination in America
Ways of Being: A Model for Social & Emotional Learning (brief)
Social and Emotional Learning in Practice: A Toolkit of Practical Strategies and Resources
Preparing for Cultural Diversity, Resources for Teachers
Teaching Tolerance: Mix it Up Activites
White People documentary: Discussion GuideDiscussion Questions
RACE: The Power of an Illusion "...We hope this series can help clear away the biological underbrush and leave starkly visible the underlying social, economic, and political conditions that disproportionately channel advantages and opportunities to white people. Perhaps then we can shift the conversation from discussing diversity and respecting cultural difference to building a more just and equitable society." (PBS)


We are a positive youth development program, first and foremost. These online modules and curriculum are provided through our partners at Act for Youth Center of Excellence and created in conjunction with the Risk and Thriving in Adolescence Program Work Team. They are essential, along with our 2-day training, to any programming in our 4-H and Healthy Living program.

Act for Youth
PYD 101 Online Modules
Full Curriculum

AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS: Behind every number, there’s a story.

America by the Numbers is the first PBS documentary series to focus on the dramatic demographic shifts currently taking place in this country. As we explore underreported stories from every corner of the nation, we reveal the human face of the biggest population change in U.S. history. The new American mainstream—the growing number of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, mixed race, immigrants, women, youth, and LGBT—is influencing elections, culture, commerce, and every facet of contemporary life. We investigate these dynamic developments using infographics, statistical analysis, in-depth reporting, and compelling storytelling with anchor and executive producer Maria Hinojosa.

RecommendationsThis is merely the beginning of a developing library of supplemental resources to support our work. They are valuable as stand-alone resources, though we offer them with the strong encouragement of more organized and focused explorations of diversity and inclusion. These are a few suggestions that may help you on your path, though no one resource nor one set of lists will capture the breadth and depth of our shared experience. 


Youth Professionals, Afterschool Programs, and Combating Extremist Recruiting
What is Diversity?
The Netter Principles* A Framework for Building Organizational Inclusion
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Building a House for Diversity: The Giraffe and the Elephant
The Evolving Language of Diversity


The Warmth of Other Suns
Between the World and Me


Dear White People* (movie; current program)

     *viewing guide/activity available