T-Shirt Orders
Click here to order shirts for the 2019 NYS Fair. There are a variety of price and style options. These are not a requirement, but will help unify our look and make sure we are easily identifiable. All shirts will be drop-shipped to Beebe Hall and distributed to at the Fair.

Activity Zone and Hands-on Activity Kits
The Activity Zone Booth will have these activities throughout State Fair:

  • Storycorps (especially for 4-H day on Aug. 25)

  • Soil Painting

  • Yoga with kid-friendly yoga poses on cards

  • Project Linus Squares

  • Computer Science: Google Expeditions (at least Aug. 25 but possibly other days)

The following Hands-on Activity Kits will be available for counties to use in their booths or leaders to use in the Activity Zone. Click on the activity title for a description. You can reserve one of these kits using this form.

Blue Ribbon Express
Winter Special Edition
March 2018
April 2018 
May 2018

March 2019

April 2019

June 2019

July 2019

2019 SF Webinars

SF Webinar 1 PPT
SF Webinar 1

SF Webinar 2 PPT
SF Webinar 2

SF Webinar 3 PPT

SF Webinar 3

SF Webinar 4 PPT

SF Webinar 4

SF Webinar 5 PPT

SF Webinar 5

2018 SF Webinars

SF Webinar 1 PPT
SF Webinar 1 VIDEO

SF Webinar 2 PPT
SF Webinar 2  VIDEO

SF Webinar 3 PPT

Additional Note to Webinar 3:  If youth showing dairy cattle are lodging in the dairy barn…they have to fill out the forms and have appropriate chaperones just like if they were staying in the dorm. The exemption form is for if they are not staying in the dorm or dairy barn and are staying off site in camper or hotel or private resident.  This is the change that was made 2 years ago with all the issue of kids sleeping in the dorms.  The exemption form is not for just if they are not staying in the dorms….the dairy barn is a lodging choice for dairy kids exhibiting dairy cattle with all the proper forms.  The forms are all with the entry forms for dairy cattle and are part of that process.