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We are a positive youth development program, first and foremost. These online modules and curriculum are provided through our partners at Act for Youth Center of Excellence and created in conjunction with the Risk and Thriving in Adolescence Program Work Team. They are essential, along with our 2-day training, to any programming in our 4-H and Healthy Living program.

Act for Youth
PYD 101 Online Modules
Full Curriculum


Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness (CHFFF): Wendy Wolfe, Cornell University (8-12 year olds)
4-H Choose Health Action Teens (4-H CHAT) 
4-H Club Choose Health Officers*
Produced in New York (PiNY)

Resources from Partners in Cooperative Extension/4-H Healthy Living:

NIFA: 4-H Healthy Living
NIFA/4-H Healthy Living Logic Models (a 4-H.org registration/login is required)
California 4-H 

Children Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR): Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Resources

Resources are available to support community educational programs for at-risk children, youth, and families which are based on locally identified needs, soundly grounded in research, and which lead to the accomplishment of one of four CYFAR National Outcomes. The resources also help local projects to integrate programming into ongoing Extension programs for children, youth, and families — ensuring that at-risk, low-income children, youth, and families continue to be part of Extension and 4-H programs and have access to resources and educational opportunities.

Cornell Healthy After-School Environment (CHASE) Self-Assessment Tool

FNEC developed the CHASE Self-Assessment Tool” to help after-school staff reflect upon their practices and generate ideas for how to create healthier food and activity environments. 

Youth Grow: From our partners at Cornell Garden-Based Learning

Youth Grow is an online resource dedicated to helping youth in New York State to become food system leaders in their communities.  A sustainable food system is a system that cares for the earth and produces food in a way that supports economic, environmental, social and nutritional well-being.  Young people can play multiple and important roles in the cultivation of sustainable food systems: as consumers, as community leaders, and as agents of change!

Other Nutrition Resources:

Cooking Up Fun! Vary Your Veggies! (4th-6th grades OR 7th-9th grades; Cornell FNEC)
STEPS to a Healthy Teen (8th-12th grades; Michigan State U.)
Color Me Healthy (Cloverbuds; NC State)
Together Counts (K-5; available in Spanish)

Other Activity Resoures

Up for the Challenge (4-H curriculum; 4-H Military Partnerships)

"Up for the Challenge" is a fitness, nutrition and health curriculum for school-aged, middle school and teen youth. It was written for military afterschool programs but is easily adaptable to any afterschool or 4-H club setting. The 290-page curriculum is divided into five chapters with each chapter containing multiple lessons in physical activity, nutrition and healthy decision making. Lessons range in scope and length from 30-60 minute nutrition and/or physical activities to a multi-week wellness event. Each lesson provides expected youth outcomes, instructor essential information, preparation instructions, supplies, lesson time, handouts and opportunities for reflection.

Games Library
GoNoodle (150+ movement videos) "GoNoodle makes movement and mindfulness an integral part of the day, at school and at home." 

Featured Program: The Great 4-H Cook-Off

The Great 4-H Cook Off (formerly Junior Iron Chef) is a team challenge for middle and high school youth who work together to prepare a healthy and tasty recipe. The challenge focuses on creating a fun atmosphere where teams participate in a friendly challenge to create the best recipe using optimal kitchen and team practices. Evaluators talk with and assess teams to provide a final evaluation based on: overall taste, presentation, healthy/nutritious choices, floor skills (e.g., sanitary and safe), teamwork, and verbal presentation. The program was adopted and developed by partners in CCE-Suffolk, whose program details can be found here

Other Cook-Off Resources:
Evaluation Rubric CCE-Suffolk (Revised March 2017)
Evaluation Rubric 4-H NYS Fair (Revised October 2016)
CHFFF Unit 3: The Nutrition Facts Label 
Recipe Policy Guide - Model
Mystery Ingredient Challenge (created by Vicki Fleming)
Understanding Food Labels (Utah St.)
Tips for Teaching Knife Skills (Utah St.)
Texas 4-H Food Challenge
Jr Iron Chef VT

For more information on the program, please contact Vicki Fleming (vjf4) or Nigel Gannon (tng22).

Featured Curriculum: Media Smart Youth      


Introductory Webinar: recorded June 2017 with Rachel Williams & Nigel Gannon



Millions of children in the U.S. participate in out-of-school-time programs, presenting a prime opportunity critical in childhood obesity prevention efforts. Healthy Kids Out of School works with a variety of youth-serving organizations to implement three simple principles – Drink Right, Move More, and Snack Smart – helping kids from diverse communities practice healthy habits now and for a lifetime.

   Resources For Program Leaders
4th H for Health Curriculum
4th H for Health Challenge Leaders Packet
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