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4-H has a wide array of project offerings designed to spark STEM interest and grow curiosity!


NYS STEM Projects

Citizen Science

Citizen science involves scientists and public participants engaging in real-world scientific collaborations --asking questions, collecting data, and/or interpreting results together. It brings science home. This collaboration can be another space for the transformative power of youth voice as young people help decide the most relevant questions for their communities and take the lead in learning how interpret and use information gained from scientific study. There are a continuum of collaborations options in citizen science projects - from those that spark interest in specific topics or doing science in general to those that inspire youth to lead their own investigations to still others that help communities used what they learn for positive change. 

Citizen Science Investigators
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdsleuth is looking for 4-H Educators and Volunteers who are interested in using citizen science to spark youth inquiry projects. Participants will:

  • Build STEM facilitation skills

  • Recruit a teen leader to help plan, recruit and lead youth participants through an inquiry-based learning project

  • Receive free access to Birdsleuth’s online professional development course, Integrating Inquiry for Educators

  • Receive training on inquiry methods

  • Receive funds to support project work

Applications are open until November 2, 2018. To learn more and apply, please visit Birdsleuth or email Kelly Schaeffer.

Style Engineers

Style Engineers is a program designed for youth who love fashion! The program includes a series of activities designed to explore the science and technology of fashion and an online community.

Geospatial Science

4-Hers are having a blast exploring geospatial sciences from simple Geocaching (using GPS receivers to look for hidden treasure boxes all around the world) to complex community mapping projects.  New local clubs are forming as a result of a generous grant opportunity sponsored by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).  The result is 4-Hers are learning to use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to collect spatial data, plot results on detailed maps, and provide useful resources to community planners.

Project Stories

Professional Development Resources

NYSD Maps and Apps


4-H Community mapping partners are collaborators who are helping to make funding, educational resources and further partnerships possible. Many thanks to:

ESRI and the ESRI Logo are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.


The goal of the CCE Energy & Climate Change Team is to increase the capacity of CCE 4-H Educators to present quality programs with a focus on energy and an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Applied Math (STEM). One of the goals is to help increase 4-H youth educators awareness of modeling energy and climate wise choices at the office and during 4-H meetings and events.

Energy is an issue that is important to all of us. We are very thankful for the partners and collaborators who are helping to make funding, educational resources and further partnerships possible. Many thanks to:

4-H Energy Bikes Pedal Power

The Power of the Wind 4-H Project


4-H Robotics Kit Lending Library
CCE Staff may borrow robotics equipment by completing a Kit Lending Request Form. Use this form to borrow WeDo, NXT, and EV3 kits.  Requests must be made by a 4-H Educator - not a volunteer or youth.

After you've finished using the Robotics Kit, please fill out the -H Robotics Kits Follow Up Form.

Junk Drawer Robotics
National curriculum with 3 phases - junk drawer robotics, virtual robotics and NXT platform robotics.

4-H and First
There is a specific NYS 4-H FIRST Robotics Consent Form for 4-H teams who participate in FIRST robotics activities.

State Robotics Challenge at State Fair

Computer Science

Growing a 4-H Computer Science Pathway


Curious about Coding? Learn about how to join the national 4-H #CSPathway! 4-H and Google are working together to make it possible for any child living anywhere in the United States to learn critical skills like computer science, computational thinking, communication and collaboration. By doing this, we hope to empower the next generation to succeed in any career field. 


  • Inspire more young people to try computer science (CS), especially girls and those from minority communities who are underrepresented in CS

  • Strengthen youth and adult computational thinking (CT) and digital citizenship

  • Nurture a community of youth and adults interested in learning CS and CT together

4H NYSD Game Changers Logo - Color RGB.png

National Youth Science Day 2019: Game Changers

National Youth Science Day website - including the Facilitator and Youth Guides, marketing materials, virtual training, and more. You can view the NYSD webinar video recordings here.

Request a FREE kit from the STEM Program Work Team - each Association can receive a free kit! We also have additional kits donated by National 4-H Council and Google to be used with military youth - contact Katherine Leo if you want to learn more!

Tell us about your NYSD activities!
As part of our partnership with National 4-H Council and Google, we are telling them about our NYSD activities in NYS. Please report your Association’s efforts by:


Computer Science Lending Library
There are 30 Google Chromebooks and 2 Google Expedition kits available for loan to county Associations. While priority will go to people who are participating in the CS Leadership Program, any CCE Association may borrow this equipment to support any of their 4-H programs.

Request Form

National 4-H Computer Science Learning Community Resources

  • National 4-H Computer Science Community

  • National 4-H Council Computer Science Marketing Toolkit

  • CS Playbook - The purpose of the playbook is to provide elements of 4-H Positive Youth Development in tandem with the latest Computer Science (CS) resources and activities. It also provides guidance for incorporating CS into various 4-H delivery modes or content areas, and may serve as a blueprint for 4-H educators, volunteers and teen leaders to integrate CS programming into any aspect of the 4-H experience.

Activity Planning and Program Development

Computer Science Education Research

Computational Thinking

Growing a CS Pathway Google Partnership Reporting Tools

Tech Changemakers Digital Ambassador Program

4-H and Microsoft-CMYK.jpg

National 4-H Council and Microsoft are working together through the 4-H Tech Changemakers program to empower teens to create opportunities for people to participate in today’s increasingly digital world in unique ways. Through the 4-H Tech Changemakers program teens are at the forefront of creating change.

  • Teens are changing the local dialogue about how technology can be a force for good by using their digital skills to help solve community issues like teen mental health, food insecurity and workforce development.

  • Through the course of their work 4-H teen leaders work with 4-H educators, broadband service providers, community members, civic leaders and Microsoft to help people gain the digital skills needed to benefit from technology and high-speed connectivity–from online safety to computer basics to device training.

7 counties across New York are part of this national effort.


4-H Science Toolkit

The 4-H Science Toolkit is a collection of science activities - perfect for youth grades 3-6, and beyond for some. The activities have been developed for afterschool, in-school, clubs and youth groups, camps and others wishing to explore science. Lessons are written to be "grab and go" for any leader or teacher. Most can be taught with items found around the home and will take 45-90 minutes to complete. The series consists of six stand-alone activities for each topic. Activities have been contributed by 4-H educators and Cornell University staff. The activities are aligned with the NYS Learning Standards. The Toolkit includes these modules:

Cornell eCommons resources

Other 4-H STEM Projects

External Resources

And check out the Partnership section for even more!